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MedWand™ fulfills the potential of telemedicine. Created by physicians and medical device engineers, MedWand houses multiple diagnostic tools in a single, easy-to-use handheld device. With a MedWand on the patient's side, clinicians can conduct remote office visits, and through the real-time collection of multiple vital sign readings and key patient assessments, detect and follow numerous medical conditions from across town, or around the world.

Our Mission


MedWand™ Solutions creates, deploys, and enables telehealth technologies that enhance the accessibility, quality, and capacity of health care for clinicians and their patients regardless of location.


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MedWand™ In Action

MedWand™ Basic Package

MedWand Basic Package
  • Includes MedWand™, accessory starter kit, and antimicrobial storage case
  • Provides safe and secure link to your doctor or telemedicine provider
  • For use with your existing compatible Windows 10 Tablet, Laptop or PC after free download of MedWand™ software applications

Home Doc (Digital Online Clinic)

Home Doc (Digital Online Clinic)
  • Designed as a ready-to-use complete system for patients to use at home
  • Contains a high-performance 2-in-1 touchscreen laptop/tablet ready to use with all MedWand software and drivers pre-configured
  • Includes MedWand™, accessory starter kit, and antimicrobial storage case
  • Provides safe and secure link to your doctor or telemedicine provider

Office Doc

Office Doc
  • Designed for any office or kiosk environment
  • Includes 2+ MedWands™ or an individual MedWand™ for each employee and all accessories — antibacterial wipes, disposable tips, and tongue depressors for 100+ employees
  • Contains a powerful 22” medical-grade touchscreen computer and UV sanitizer
  • Enables on-site or in-kiosk telemedicine exams without having to visit the doctor’s office

Mobile Doc

Mobile Doc
  • Designed for mobile, EMS, home health, hospice, assisted living, and nursing home use by a healthcare professional as well as global use on ships and aircraft
  • Includes MedWand™ and high-performance tablet/laptop configured for the healthcare professional
  • Contains Bluetooth-enabled blood pressure cuff and glucometer — all accessories fit into an easy-to-handle ruggedized carrying case
  • Optional portable, rechargeable UV sanitizer

Global Doc

Global Doc
  • Designed for military support operations, remote triage, medical operations in rugged and remote environments, and use where no Internet or power may be available
  • Contains a built-in 4G base station, optional built-in satellite modem, medical grade touch-screen tablet with a bar code scanner and an optional portable printer
  • Includes 2 MedWands™ with all accessories — antibacterial wipes, disposable tips, and tongue depressors in a ruggedized transportable Pelican case
  • Provides universal power/charging options and high-capacity, hot swappable batteries

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Leadership Team

M. Samir Qamar, MD - Founder & CEO

A family physician by training, Dr. Samir Qamar brought the first concierge medical practices to Central California, where he also served as the official house doctor for the famed Pebble Beach Resorts. His expertise includes concierge medicine, Direct Primary Care (DPC), and telemedicine. He launched MedLion Clinic in 2014, a national Virtual Primary Care company where primary care services are delivered solely online. Prior to that, he founded MedLion DPC as a pioneer behind the DPC industry, an insurance-free subscription healthcare model that continues to grow nationally and is part of the Affordable Care Act. Samir continues to serve as MedLion’s CEO.

In 2014, after working with Google on telemedicine projects, Samir assembled a team of medical engineers and invented the MedWand to advance the $20 billion telemedicine industry. MedWand’s portable technology allows patients to be physically examined using the Internet from any location, amplifying the number of medical conditions that can be treated or managed remotely.

Dr. Qamar completed his medical training at University of Pennsylvania’s Penn Medicine Lancaster General Hospital. His thought leadership in medical care and access for all has been highlighted extensively in international and national media. He speaks six languages and his experience with healthcare systems worldwide has fueled his passion to find new ways for patients to access basic medical care.

Robert Rose - President & COO

Mr. Rose began his career in medical equipment manufacturing and then became technical liaison to Japan for Toshiba America. He served as director of engineering and manufacturing for a major manufacturer of airborne video equipment for several years and in the mid-1990s returned to consumer electronics, holding division and business unit leadership positions with Tandy Corporation, CompUSA, and Systemax. Prior to Systemax he was Vice President, Global Operations for Wyle Systems. Prior to MedWand, Bob was a senior executive and technologist for RED Digital Cinema, who changed the world by inventing the 4K cinema camera and obsoleting film. Bob holds Business and Electrical Engineering degrees from the University of Maryland and Capital Institute of Technology. He is an ASQ trained Six Sigma Black Belt and Executive Champion. Bob is also a Commercial Pilot and has served as Hospital and Outreach Coordinator as well as a Command Pilot for Angel Flight West.

Danforth F. Lincoln - General Counsel

Danforth Forbes Lincoln is a 1984 graduate of Northwestern University and a 1987 graduate of Boston University School of Law. Mr. Lincoln is an A-V rated attorney and has counseled small and mid-sized businesses in Southern California regarding business practices and transactions ranging from contracts, real estate transactions, business purchase, and sale to employment matters. As a business litigator, he has handled matters for clients ranging from employment issues to construction defects to Commercial Code and insurance bad faith and coverage issues.


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