Can my doctor use it?
Yes, any doctor can be a MedWand doctor. Please have your doctor contact us to set up an account.

How is MedWand powered?
MedWand is powered via USB. Simply plug MedWand into a compatible phone, tablet, or computer, and you're good to go! This allows MedWand to work anywhere in the world.

What software interface can MedWand run on?
MedWand is currently compatible with any well configured Windows 10 device, and any Android Smartphone generation 6 and above. Apple and iOS interfaces will be available toward the end of this year.

What medical conditions can MedWand monitor?
MedWand houses the most commonly used diagnostic tools you would find in your doctor's office. Using the multiple tools within MedWand, your doctor can literally assess and monitor you for hundreds of medical conditions. To learn more about the tools MedWand has please visit the Technology page.

Is there a subscription fee to use the software?
A monthly subscription fee is required for each MedWand unit. This fee covers the entire device with a comprehensive 3 year warranty, and provides unlimited access to MedWand’s cloud storage, doctor interfaces, updates, and other services.

Do insurances cover the cost of a MedWand?
MedWand may be covered under your insurance plan. Ask your benefits provider if a MedWand is a covered device.

Can more than one patient use the same MedWand?
Yes! Additional patients simply create separate accounts to hold their individual data.

What EMR system is compatible with MedWand?
Any! All the files that are recorded during an exam are exportable through an API. Then by utilizing a piece of middleware that properly formats MedWand Data, everything recorded can be saved into any EMR system. Please email info@medwand.com if you have any questions.

Is MedWand’s Cloud storage system HIPAA compliant?

Are there any pricing plans?
Yes, we have volume discount pricing. We also have a monthly payment plan.

Can MedWand work with other devices?
Yes! MedWand’s Android and iOS interfaces will allow direct connection of approved 3rd party devices such as blood pressure cuffs, glucometers and weight scales to directly interface with our application. Data from other devices can also be manually input into MedWand’s software interfaces.