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Smartphone or Tablet DOC (Android)

Mobile Doc
  • A MedWand System for smartphones and Tablets
  • Secure link to your doctor or telemedicine provider
  • Initial compatibility with late-model Android phones and Tablets
  • Later compatibility with late-model Apple iPhones
Coming Soon

Office Doc

Office Doc
  • Designed for any office or kiosk environment
  • Includes 2+ MedWands™ or an individual MedWand™ for each employee and all accessories — antibacterial wipes, disposable tips, and tongue depressors for 100+ employees
  • Contains a powerful 22” medical-grade touchscreen computer and UV sanitizer
  • Enables on-site or in-kiosk telemedicine exams without having to visit the doctor’s office

Mobile Doc / SQM-DOC

Mobile Doc
  • Designed for mobile, EMS, home health, hospice, assisted living, and nursing home use by a healthcare professional as well as global use on ships and aircraft
  • SQM-DOC stands for Screen Quarantine Monitor, best used for pandemic related monitoring
  • Includes MedWand™ and high-performance tablet/laptop configured for the healthcare professional
  • Contains Bluetooth-enabled blood pressure cuff and glucometer — all accessories fit into an easy-to-handle ruggedized carrying case
  • Optional portable, rechargeable UV sanitizer

Home Doc (Digital Online Clinic)

Home Doc (Digital Online Clinic)
  • Designed as a ready-to-use complete system for patients to use at home
  • Contains a high-performance 2-in-1 touchscreen laptop/tablet ready to use with all MedWand software and drivers pre-configured
  • Includes MedWand™, accessory starter kit, and antimicrobial storage case
  • Provides safe and secure link to your doctor or telemedicine provider